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1998 The Light After The Dark I (Soft Cover). Publisher: Key Porter Books


2001 Women's World (January issue)
· The Photograph Album
2000 Wordscape Mystery Anthology 7
· Jealous Bullet
Chicken Soup For The Parent's Soul
· The Photograph Album
1999 Wordscape Mystery Anthology 6
· The Credit Card Caper
Fraternally Yours
· Remember: Come Home
1998 Wordscape Mystery Anthology 5
· Late Again Harry
Winners Circle 6
· Jonas: The Baker
1997 Wordscape Mystery Anthology 4
· Ta-Ta-T-A-Ta
· Growing Old
· A Story in Two Words


2001 My Grandpa Plays With Trains by Myrna Neuringer Levy
1998 Yiddish: A Two Way Street: English translations by Jack Gelman
1992 My Shtetl Drobin: The Life of Rabbi Abraham Feffer
1986 Rhythms In Panic: Poems by Matthew Cohen

SELF-PUBLISHED: Non-fiction (Excerpts)

2002 The Memories I Live With: The Life of Eugene Joseph
2001 The Light After The Dark II (Soft Cover)
Six More Stories of Courage During the Holocaust
· Why Me, God?: Johoszua Cygelfarb
· Journey to Nowhere: Michel Mayer and his Family
· It's Time to Live: Josef Morgenstern
· Escape To Freedom: Ibolya and Andy Reti
1997 The Light After The Dark I (Hard Cover)
Six True Stories of Courage During the Holocaust
· An Eye For an Eye: Zalman Katz
· The Promises: Michael Kutz
· We Will Meet Again: Moishe Perlmutter
· I Have a Mission: Dubi Arie
· I Knew My Enemy: Michael Rosenberg
· Don't Worry: It Will Be Good: Faiga and Batia Schmidt


2003 Stories I Wrote (Soft Cover)
Eighteen short stories about People, Mystery, and Love
2002 The Unlikely Victims (Soft Cover)
Six cases about an old Homicide cop and his young female partner in Toronto
2000 Why, Zaida? (Hard Cover)
Children's illustrated book, using metaphors to explain the Holocaust


New Generation
2001 Kugler
Forgive Me
A Touch of Love
Growing Old
Remember: Come Home

The Jewish War Veterans Commemorative Book

2000 A Story in Two Words
1999 The Baker
1998 The Cloth Coat

Canadian Jewish News

1999 What If . . .
1998 The Cloth Coat
1997 Who's There? A Yid.

North Toronto Post; Thornhill Post; Bayview Post

2000 The Cloth Coat


1996 The Boys by Sir Martin Gilbert
Published by Douglas & McIntyre
Portions of one story from the manuscript of Josh Segal: Why Me, God?
1990 An Ordinary Woman In Extraordinary Times: The Story of Ibolya Reti
Published by the The Multicultural Society of Ontario
A portion from the manuscript, Escape to Freedom


2001 Writer's Union of Canada Newsletter (October)
· My Past Caught Me
New Generation
· One Person Can Make A Difference: Dr. Felicia Carmelly (November)
· Moises Ville (October)
2000 Canadian Writer's Journal; Writer's Union of Canada Newsletter
1999 Canadian Authors Association
· 10 Ways to Self-Publish
1994 B'nai Brith Tribune
· What It Means To Be Jewish